Meet Our Fantastic Real Estate Team

Meet each member of our team and learn what they do to provide our clients outstanding service.

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Today I’d like to briefly introduce you to all of the people on the Montemayor & Associates team who make the machine work. You can see each key member of our team in the video above.
Alicia Echeverria is our Director of Sales. She works with both buyers and sellers to ensure a smooth, successful transaction. We leverage our networks, technology, and systems to guarantee that our clients get the opportunities that few others can offer.
Nate McAfee is our Sales Specialist. It’s his job to help our buyers and sellers facilitate and negotiate the smoothest, most stress-free real estate transaction possible. From the buyer’s side, he works to get our clients the best price and the best terms with a timely close so that our buyers can find their family the home of their dreams. On the sellers’ side, Nate helps our clients market their homes for maximum exposure so that they get top dollar on their sale in the quickest amount of time possible. His goal is to make sure that everybody is happy once they get to the finish line.
Each member of our team is instrumental to our success.
Barbara Clendenin is our Director of Operations. She guides our clients through the escrow process, helps them understand their disclosures, and assists them in getting their requests for repairs after the home inspection, all while maintaining their timelines so that our clients move into a successful close.
Michael Browne is the utility player in our office. He does everything from taking our buyers to view homes to helping sellers maximize their listings’ exposure, to assisting clients with anything and everything they may need throughout the escrow process.
If you have any questions for our team or would like to meet them in person, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We’d all be happy to help you!