Don’t Wait for Summer in the Santa Clarita Market

Summer’s nearly here, so should you wait to buy or sell your house? Let me explain why the time to act is actually now.

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Summer is right around the corner and most people think of it as the hot time to buy or sell a house in the Santa Clarita market. Should you wait until then to jump into the market? There are a few things you need to consider before making that decision.

For starters, inventory is still at an all-time low and prices are near record highs, making now the time to list if you’ve been thinking of selling your house. Strategically, you’ll be in a better spot now versus where you’d be in the summer if inventory does bounce back. Even if it doesn’t, listing now will give you the time to find something else before the summer frenzy.

We also don’t know what will happen with interest rates and all the potential policies coming into play.
Now is a very safe time to be either a buyer or a seller in our market.
So what does it really come down to in the end? We can guess about cycles but the fact of the matter is that because of the super low inventory and low interest rates, now is absolutely the time to sell. We will probably have a lot of opportunities in the summer as well, but now is a very safe time to get out in the market and make things happen as a buyer or seller.

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